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Online service tailored to your needs, combining top-tier customer experience and high-performance with effective business problem-solving! With us, you can achieve your goals, gather valuable data, and continuously improve your digital services to meet the evolving needs of your customers and your business.

High-performing and accessible online services

Whether your current online service has come to the end of its lifespan, or you are in need of an entirely new website, we choose the best platform to suit your current and future needs and ensure easy maintenance and development.

We make sure your online service fulfills all accessibility and security requirements. Our team has robust experience in handling all kinds of integrations.

For a unified digital experience, we help your mobile apps and online stores align with the whole of your digital services — or we will build them all at once for the best cost-efficiency.

What Hion online services are made of

  • accessibility
  • sustainability
  • security and privacy
  • even the most demanding integrations
  • data-driven development
  • agility and quick experiments
  • cost-efficiency
  • continuous partnership.

Online services to cater to every organization

We are an agile and cost-effective partner for all kinds of online service projects, from simple to demanding.

You can also get started with a smaller budget and get your first results quickly. We systematically develop the complete solution based on concrete data and ensure it always meets your specific needs.

We have the expertise to handle even the most complex, large, or growing web service requirements.

Continuous development

Your online service will keep up with the changing world, and you will get the best value for your money, because we monitor, improve and develop your web service persistently.

Save power, bandwidth, and the planet

Introduce green and sustainable principles to your online services. A website with no unnecessary elements to hog its bandwidth is better for the environment.

At the heart of your business

Your online service is the most visible part of your organization. With our holistic business understanding, we make sure that your business and web service truly reflect each other.

Your partner in online service development

With continuous development, your online service will reach its full potential and serve your customers on a deeper level — and you will get the best value for your money. An ongoing partnership makes sure that your online service doesn’t get left to its own devices, and you won’t have to completely renew the entire web service a few years down the line.

Your online service is improved constantly, and results are monitored with analytics. Testing is done throughout the project. A collaborative approach makes sure that the service caters to all stakeholders.

Our clients choose us because of our continuous development processes — this approach really works!

Online service that minimizes environmental load

Each page load causes emissions. That is why we make sure your online service is efficient and easy to use. A well-designed service needs less code and unnecessary plugins — and costs less. Our services will scale up and down whenever you need them to.

We centralize our service to sustainable data centers that run mostly on renewable energy. The required plugins are chosen from carefully selected operators who operate responsibly and sustainably.

Versatile WordPress know-how

We have profound experience in building and developing WordPress websites — to the point where we can confidently say that we’re among the best in Finland.

WordPress is the world’s most popular web service platform and content management system. It is a flexible and reliable platform even for complex online services, and it ensures your services have a long lifecycle. In addition, it is cost-effective and it’s easy to adopt.

You can also get Contentful-based online services from us. Contentful works especially well in situations that require scalability. As a cloud-native environment, it works seamlessly as a part of complex cloud architectures.

We help your organization to choose a platform that best matches your current and future needs. If you want to migrate your online services to a new platform or bring it under our management, we can help you with that as well!

We have an extensive toolkit, and you won’t ever get stuck with just one of the technologies we offer.

A proven track record in hundreds of online service projects

We are an experienced online service creator. You can rely on our broad technical skillset, user-friendly design, and data-oriented approach.

Throughout your online service projects, you will have our hard-core experts at your service, specializing in project management, holistic business understanding, accessibility, and usability. We will monitor the functionality of your online service and identify potential areas for development.

When your organization or online service is growing, we have the right solutions for you.

Time to invest in online services? Contact us!

Let’s find out what kind of online service your organization needs and how we can build it together!

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