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Sylva ry's online service is an accessible and versatile service that meets the needs of various target groups.

Web service renewal with a big heart

Sylva ry provides support, peer assistance, advocacy, and other valuable services to children, young people, and young adults with cancer and their families. Sylva ry also serves as an advocacy organization, representing the voice of children, young people, and young adults with cancer in society.

We had the great honor of being involved in the website renewal, which resulted in the new, more user-focused, responsive, and accessible Sylvan’s web service has several important target groups:

  • Families with children
  • Young people
  • Young adults
  • Volunteers
  • Donors, etc.

Sylva’s goal was to thoroughly renew the website and content structure to better serve these target groups with both existing and newly produced content.

What challenges were addressed with the new website service?

Target groups and their customer journeys

Sylva’s old website had an organization-centric content structure, and the primary focus of development was to update the site’s structure and menu user experience to be more audience-centric. Previously, essential information often wasn’t easily accessible to the target groups, and Sylva received user feedback that users couldn’t find what they were looking for on the website.

As a solution, during the project planning phase, we worked together to refine the target groups and their customer journeys. The new website’s main goal is to provide clearer support and services primarily for families with children, young people, and young adults. Suitable user interface solutions were created for this purpose, and the new content structure of the website enables the creation of user journeys.

Volunteers and donors are also better accommodated in the web service, and customer journeys guide users, for example, to find information about volunteer tasks or monthly donations. Users also have access to an easy-to-use quick search field that remains in the website’s top header throughout the site. The search functionality implemented on top of the RediPress search engine suggests search results to the user and is fast to use, similar to the rest of the website.


A significant area of improvement needed in Sylva’s web service was fundraising. Previously, for example, the number of monthly donors was low because the service poorly supported this option. Fundraising also lacked a CRM system to collect donor information, which would allow for post-marketing efforts.

To address the issues and shortcomings in fundraising, the entire donation functionality was redesigned and revamped. The chosen CRM solution was tailored to fit the needs and integrated into the revamped one-time and monthly donation forms. Due to its complexity, the integration was custom-made, enabling automatic invoice generation, among other features.

For donation payment interfaces, Checkout’s payment services were used and integrated into the one-time and monthly donation forms. Text message and phone donations in the service utilize Arena Interactive’s solution.

Content management system renewal

The chosen content management system (CMS) is WordPress Multisite platform, which allows Sylva to efficiently create new, separate campaign sites as needed. The user-friendly content management of the new system enables smooth and high-quality content production in the future. As a result, end-users can enjoy an easy-to-use and clear web service.

It’s truly wonderful to be part of providing support for those affected by cancer and their loved ones, as well as supporting vital cancer-related research. The web service is built on a multi-vendor environment, where the best possible solutions are developed and provided to Sylva to ensure that donation functionalities, in particular, are top-notch. Sylva thrives on the support of its donors, so the functionalities related to this aspect are critical for its operations. Now is a great time to make a positive impact and donate to this important cause.

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