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On a journey towards improved energy efficiency and lighter, more meaningful digital services.

As a software company, we take responsibility for ensuring that our services are taking our planet into consideration. The ICT industry’s carbon footprint is estimated to be around 2-5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, surpassing emissions from global air travel. However, we can play our part in reducing this impact.

Building environmentally-conscious websites or mobile applications is not a difficult or costly endeavor. A good end result can simply be achieved through the effective combination of design, implementation, content production, and hosting.

There are many ways to reduce the environmental load of digital services, so we can strive for lightweight and energy-efficient solutions tailored to each client’s specific situation. What’s more, environmental responsibility often goes hand in hand with usability and search engine optimization in websites and mobile applications, as energy efficiency highlights the importance of site performance and content relevance.

Our approach

Strategic approach

Building more sustainable digital services are at the core of our strategy, and we approach the development of energy efficiency with clear goals. Internal guidelines guide our daily work from design to development and maintenance, and our internal team researches current developments, monitors goals, and takes care of the training of our entire team of professionals.

Technical innovation

Our current web service solutions are continuously improved, and our experts eagerly embrace new solutions in new projects that allow for the development of mobile applications or web services with ever-increasing energy efficiency.

Design and discovery

It’s not just about code, as creating an environmentally conscious digital service starts with good design and clarifying business opportunities. Our skilled designers have the tools for that.

Hosting with renewable energy

All our new web services are hosted on domestically sourced wind power at Google’s data center in Hamina, which is one of the company’s flagship facilities on its journey towards carbon neutrality by 2030.

How we can help

Our solutions for building a more sustainable digital world.

    Climate retro workshop

    Wondering how you could make your mobile app or web service more energy efficient? No worries – you don't need to have a ready-made plan to get started. With our workshop package, we'll assess the current state of your service and identify solutions to improve its energy efficiency. Since what works for one may not work for another, both the workshop package and the resulting solutions will be tailored to the specific needs of your digital service.

    Energy-efficient and optimized code

    The carbon footprint of web services and mobile applications can be reduced by effectively utilizing caching, optimizing database queries, minimizing heavy script executions, and selecting the right tools for the right tasks in terms of code architecture. When you acquire a website or application from us, its code is optimized to be as lightweight as possible, ensuring efficient performance.

    Image optimization

    The images displayed online have a significant impact on the environmental friendliness of a website. The magnitude of this impact depends on the number of images, their size, and the file formats used. To make energy-efficient image usage in content production as easy and effortless as possible, we provide a WordPress plugin that ensures the images on your website are always in an optimal format without the need for extra manual work.

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