We are the sum of our employees – a community where each person has their own role in shaping the kind of workplace we are.

As a work community, we are brave, take responsibility, and trust each other. We respect one another and allow each person to flourish through their strengths, and believe that a diverse work community is a strength. We provide the tools for your professional development.

Cornerstones of our culture

Meaningful work

For us, work is more than just individual tasks – we aim for satisfied customers and long-term partnerships where our experts can grow and engage in customer work that aligns with their values. It’s important to us that our customers share the same values, whether it’s about diversity or environmental protection.

Measurable positive impact

It’s important to us that our actions have a genuinely positive impact on the world around us, both externally and internally. To ensure we also walk the talk, we regularly measure our own activities so that we can continually improve them.

Satisfied employees are key

We invest in the professional growth of our employees. We work in a relaxed but ambitious manner. Hionists share an open and active culture of dialogue, a desire to try new things, and take responsibility for their own work.

Your benefits as a hionist

Competence development

We regularly organize training sessions for the whole company so that we can grow together as individuals and as a group. In developing your expertise, you will be assisted by your designated competence leader.


To promote togetherness and community, in addition to regular events like Dev Friday and summer and winter parties, you can organize casual activities such as beer tastings or game nights on our tab.

Modern tools

We provide high-quality tools and, if desired, noise-canceling headphones as well.

Remote and hybrid work and flexible working hours

For us, location-independent work is the norm – our priority is that work runs smoothly, regardless of your location. Flexible working hours provide flexibility in the midst of everyday life.

Comprehensive occupational health care

The extensive services provided by Mehiläinen keep us healthy and vibrant. And we’re buzzing (ha) about our annual, included dental check-up.

Insurance for leisure time

You never know what might happen – we keep you covered even during your free time.

Spotify or other music streaming service

Let the music delight you (and your family) during work and leisure time.

Bike benefit

An environmentally friendly benefit that also promotes well-being and resilience!

Commute benefit

With the commute benefit, you can travel by bus or train – and the environment will thank you!

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