Web analytics

Data and analytics form the basis for the design and development work of digital services. By researching and analyzing data, we can identify challenges, find new business opportunities, and develop services strategically and sustainably.

Analytics helps to build a deep understanding of how your website works and how different channels behave. By continuous analytics services, we ensure that your website works as planned and that the information it provides remains high-quality and reliable.

We focus on helping you learn how to track set goals and how your website traffic evolves by source. Analytics provides us with deep insights into how different channels affect each other and how to optimize actions for better results. This allows us to build a connection between your business goals and website performance.

With high-quality and up-to-date analytics data, we can streamline your business and create the best possible conditions for growth. Let’s take your business to the next level with effective data-driven decision-making!

Business needs

Understanding what customers truly want and need is the fuel for sustainable success. By combining business goals and understanding, and anticipating customer needs, we can create products and services that genuinely exceed expectations.

Hion's expertise

We use our constantly evolving expertise in different technologies and best practices to ensure that you are always one step ahead of the competition. In addition to streamlining your processes, we help develop solutions that are meaningful.

End-users' needs

Data is a key element in developing the digital customer experience. Data provides information about who your customers are, what they want, and how they behave online. This helps to understand the needs and expectations of different user groups. With analytics, a company can focus its digital development on what works well and avoid wasting resources on less effective actions.

Analytics services we offer

We want to do analytics with our customers on a continuous cycle, whether it is on a monthly or quarterly basis. In addition to continuous development, our services include the following:

Analytics auditing

Analytics setup

Google Analytics 4, PiwikPro, Matomo, Plausible Analytics, Server Side Tagging

Building dashboards

Reporting automation (executive reporting, marketing performance reporting)

Analytics training

Google Analytics 4, PiwikPro, Matomo

Website measurement strategy

Cookie management setup

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