A-Katsastus on the way towards a unified digital customer experience

We revamped A-Katsastus's online services into a cohesive, better-serving experience for our customers.

A-Katsastus is Finland’s leading private provider of vehicle inspections, registrations and driving examinations. We set out to renew A-Katsastus’ online service platform at a time when the group had four separate website. This was reflected in a fragmented customer experience. Additionally, the former content management system was considered difficult to use.

Our client’s goal was to unify the visitor’s customer experience and create an entity that serves the end customer in the best possible way.

The project started with in-depth conceptual work, including target group profiling, which formed the basis for creating a content concept and a general information architecture. The special features and needs of the most important target groups were carefully addressed in joint workshops. At the same time, success metrics were defined for the most important target groups.

As a result of the conceptualization, A-Katsastus received a specification document, a description of the information hierarchy, and preliminary layout and user interface plans to support the implementation tender.

Based on the concept, we set out to implement a new online service with our focus on excellent user experience, performance, usability and accessibility.

Hion as a technical development partner based on the tender

A-Katsastus tendered the implementation of the online service, with which Hion (then Geniem) was selected as the implementation partner for the project, which started at full capacity a couple of months later.

"In particular, Hion stood out during the presentation sessions, showcasing not only strong expertise but also a positive attitude and proactive approach."

–Tomi Pakkanen, IT Development Manager, A-katsastus

The client had left room for adjustments and clarifications in the specifications, so before the actual implementation, our designers finalized the necessary responsive interface designs and led the refinement of the specifications together with the client. Similarly, technical specification and design were included in the preparation phase of the implementation, after which the implementation was ready to begin.

A-Katsastus understood the importance of careful planning for the new web service, so significant effort was also invested in it.

WordPress was chosen as A-Katsastus’ publishing platform

A-Katsastus had conducted a thorough preliminary study on suitable publishing platforms for the new website. Based on this, WordPress was selected as the publishing platform because it was deemed the best solution in terms of scalability and cost-effectiveness.

We were responsible for the secure implementation of a system built on top of WordPress. At the client’s request, the implementation primarily utilized the features of WordPress and carefully selected add-ons available for it. For example, user levels and permissions in the administrative interface fully leveraged WordPress’s own features.

Service functionalities

Filtered search of service points

An API that was created during the project. Makes it possible to search for service point information instead of manual update work. When the service point updates its information, it is automatically updated on the website.

Inspection reminder service

The customer can subscribe to a vehicle inspection reminder via the form.

Good results with agility

The outcome has been pleasing to the customer, and the goals set for the project to unify the customer experience were achieved. Four separate services were transformed into a sensible, technically functional, and user-friendly integrated system.

"The completed projects have stayed remarkably well within budget and schedule, despite the challenges encountered along the way."

–Tomi Pakkanen, IT Development Manager, A-katsastus

The client’s active role and agile approach significantly contributed to the success of the project, and the collaboration has been mutually rewarding. We believe that this is also reflected in the final product.

Since then, we have expanded our collaboration by also revamping the appointment booking services for A-Katsastus, as well as for K1 Katsastus and Katsastajasi.fi, both subsidiaries of the group. Additionally, the websites for the latter two were redesigned. Our collaboration continues with further service enhancements and new development projects.

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