Service design

Through design, we find solutions that serve your end users and meet the needs of your business.

Thoroughly executed design is an important part of development projects to ensure an excellent user experience. We have expertise to cater for various design needs in digital projects, from service design and user research to UX design and visual finishes of your digital product or service. Our design professionals help bring your company closer to your customers and stakeholders through service design methods and agile project management. Like the progress of the project itself, the content of the design work is always tailored to your situation and needs.

Typically, our software projects begin with a service design phase, where the most important business requirements are identified, user needs are heard, and together they are brought to the forefront of the solution from an early stage. The service design phase may include strategic design, clarifying business goals, concept development, prototype design, usability testing, and surveys.

Service design helps you find answers to various questions, such as:

  • What are the most significant user groups for my service and what do they need from it?
  • What problem does my service solve for the end-users?
  • What is the value proposition of my service?
  • What should I prioritize in the development of my service?

Investing in service design pays off, as listening to the needs of end-users enhances customer satisfaction. Thoughtfully executed service design also saves money – when the voices of stakeholders and users are considered, the service meets genuine user needs, becomes engaging, easy to find, and enjoyable to use. A well-designed service hits its target right away, avoiding costly fixes in the future.

Getting the user experience right with UX design

User experience, or UX, combines experiential aspects with human behavior and basic psychological processes. Through UX design, we ensure that the user’s voice is heard and their needs are taken into account throughout the service development cycle. Our designers are highly skilled usability experts and trained in understanding the human–machine interaction. Good usability and meaningful user experience of your web service is integral for your company’s overall image.

Visual design takes your brand to the next level

A service is completed by a stylish and clear visual design that supports the company’s brand and communications strategy. Visual design is an important part of all our basic design work, but we also have specialists who excel in traditional graphic design, typography design, development of design systems, visual guidelines, infographics, and even illustrations. We place particular importance on ensuring that visual design, usability, accessibility, and website functionality go hand in hand, supporting each other.

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