Increase your revenue by selling your products in your own webstore, without intermediaries. We will build you a scalable, user-friendly, and accessible online store that’s easy for your customers to love and you to manage. With Shopify’s eCommerce platform, your online sales have room to grow and develop.

Reach your goals and increase self-service rate with online store

Transform your business with an online store that will help you sell your products in a way that is effortless for your customers and cost-efficient for you.

When you want everything from a scalable platform — good service experience to technical quality with all the necessary integrations — we’ve got you covered! We will plan and create an effective online store that will grow your business, no matter the size of your product selection or the number of visitors.

Invest in eCommerce when you want to…

  • Grow sales in digital channels
  • Reach new target audiences
  • Improve/increase self-service rate
  • Reduce the number of intermediaries.

Agile eCommerce development will get you to testing and results quickly. We will build your online store in sprints through prototypes and user testing. The functionality of your online store is constantly monitored by analytics, so we can promptly respond to the needs and wishes of the users.

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An example of this is the online stores we've created for Tapio – Metsäkauppa and Karttakauppa – which share a common shopping cart, allowing for cross-selling.

Check out Tapio online stores through our case.

An accessible and responsive online store makes shopping easy for everyone

By investing in the accessibility of your online store, you are also investing in increasing your sales. Accessibility is the superpower of your eCommerce, not a burden!

With accessibility integrated into your online store right from the start, the end result is reliable, fast, and effortless to use. Accessible solutions take into account the various ways people use the internet.

We have extensive experience in developing accessible and user-centric online stores. We assist you in refining the entire path of the shopping experience, ensuring that the buyer’s senses, abilities, or the busy nature of the purchasing moment do not hinder them from making the right purchasing decision.

Learn more about our services in the field of accessibility.

Delivering results through eCommerce

Increase sales or improve self-service rate — the online store will be built around your business goals.

Easy to develop and scale

The Shopify eCommerce platform enables you to increase the product inventory and sales volume. Your online store will constantly evolve based on the results.

Seamless part of your digital services

We ensure that your online store is the perfect extension of your online services and mobile applications. Or, if you prefer, let’s develop all of them at the same time!

Measure the profitability of your online store

We don’t just build and launch — we develop your online store based on data. Your business defines the goals, we design the store to achieve them.

Your specific needs will guide the interface design, technological choices, and visual decisions. After the launch your store will be continuously developed to help you make the most of it even when the market changes.

Scale up your sales quickly with Shopify

Shopify is an adaptable and scalable eCommerce platform. It suits the needs of virtually any online store, from small boutiques to complex enterprise-level solutions.

Shopify makes payment integrations simple, and you can easily modify them to match your organization’s visual identity. As a cloud-based platform, it is available everywhere in the world.

At Hion, we have years of experience with Shopify online stores. We help you start at the right scale and scale in the future in exactly the direction you want. Shopify is particularly suitable for growing organizations that value ease of use and the platform’s flexibility. You will always have access to its latest version.

Customizable buying journey with WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin from WordPress. WooCommerce is an excellent solution for organizations that value quick deployment and customizable buying paths.

WooCommerce offers versatile and reliable payment method services, and its layout can easily be tailored to fit in with the rest of your online services.

Extensive experience in eCommerce

Take advantage of our extensive experience in hundreds of B2C and B2B online store projects! We ensure seamless integrations, flawless code, and a continuous hassle-free partnership. When you want a data-driven online store, count on us.

Looking to build an online store?

Contact us without hesitation! Let’s find out how we can help your business with eCommerce and achieving sales goals.

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