Hion to collaborate with Grand One


We're partnering up in the new 'Most Ecological Web Service' category.

At the end of November, Grand One announced the categories for the upcoming year’s competition, the newest of which emphasizes the importance of ecological web services. Hion is a partner in the ‘Most Ecological Web Service’ category, and one of our experts in green digital services, Lead Designer Tea Dickman, serves as one of the judges in the category.

“I am honored to be involved in creating a more sustainable digital world and to see how ecology has been taken into account as a quality requirement in the development of services."

–Tea Dickman, Lead Designer, Hion

Services that were made by paying special attention to the energy efficiency and carbon footprint of the service can be submitted to the category. Grand One’s producer Jani Järvinen summarizes: “There’s still been too little discussion about the carbon footprint caused by digital services. Many still believe that digital services do not cause much emissions, but the emissions caused by the internet are already in the same league as air traffic and are growing rapidly.”

"We at Grand One want to bring this topic to the forefront, encourage the industry to develop more sustainable digital services, and reward works that have focused on energy efficiency in both design and technical implementation.”

–Jani Järvinen, producer, Grand One.

On the competition entry page, it’s good to highlight the processes and actions taken to improve the environmental friendliness of the service. These may relate to technical architecture of the service, code optimization, design solutions, user paths, content optimization, integration solutions, bot traffic limitations, caching solutions, and choices related to hosting services.

In the evaluation, attention is paid to how effectively different methods have been utilized and whether the final result is successful also from the perspective of the service’s business and communication objectives.

Submit your work for the competition by January 17, 2024, at

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