Hion partners with education and online learning platform TechClass


We are excited to announce our partnership with TechClass, a pioneer in personalized online education. Through this collaboration, we are able to share our expertise and bring the joy of learning to a wider audience.

The accelerating pace of technological advancement puts constant pressure on individuals to keep up with the wave of development. The commercial breakthrough of AI, especially towards the end of last year, opened the eyes of a larger audience to the tangible impact technology can have on job markets and even individual job titles.

In today’s world, adopting new tools and technologies is the default expectation, as technological progress drives various professions into new territories. As an IT industry player, continuous development is critically important to us as it determines our competitiveness. On one hand, the IT sector suffers from an ongoing shortage of skilled professionals, for which there are no quick or easy solutions. On the other hand, our clients, particularly medium-sized Finnish companies, are facing challenges related to the shortage of technology professionals – because growth cannot happen without skilled experts.

For all these reasons, we embarked on a partnership with TechClass.

Established in 2017, TechClass is an IT education and online learning platform that aims to provide a more personalized way of learning cutting-edge course content and lower the barriers to entry into the IT field. TechClass offers educational programs in fields such as data science, digital marketing, and programming. This year, the course selection will expand to cover topics including environmental sustainability, cybersecurity, and business and entrepreneurship.

“At TechClass, we have always believed in personalized education and empowering students to learn smartly,” says Farhad Eftekhari, CEO of TechClass. “Collaborating with Hion allows us to enhance our offerings, improve our online learning tools, and further support our students in achieving their career goals.”

Our collaboration with TechClass began with the Jotpa project, which focuses on continuous learning and employment services, where we served as consultants in developing course content. Moving forward, we will deepen our collaboration by incorporating TechClass courses into our own offerings, allowing our clients to benefit from up-to-date training in the realms of eCommerce, data, and business.

Read more about TechClass here and reach out to us if you’re interested in hearing more!